Dacra can overcome the unique challenges that pose a hurdle to your municipal enforcement program. That has been proven in many of our installations. Below are just a few examples of our client victories.

DATA NOW, NOT LATER… Two different suburban Chicago cities with 40,000 residents each were looking for real-time integration between a citation system and their enterprise level financial software. They wanted violators to be able to pay citations immediately in their finance system and needed cashiers to be able to see fine data instantly. Yes, instantly. Not once nightly or even once an hour. So we did it. Citation and hearing fine data is pushed real-time into their payables module. Payment data is then instantly available for staff to take payments whether at the finance counter or via on-line web pay. And, of course, we went further. Dacra works in the background to automatically pull the payment data entered back into Dacra and apply it to citation records. Dacra made that happen.

A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE… One of the largest Illinois cities partnered with Municipal Collections of America (MCA) to collect on unpaid parking fines. MCA staff were so effective, collecting over 10,000 citations monthly, that the finance department couldn’t keep up with payments. Dacra fixed this one too. We created a custom interface that sent and received MCA payment data, applied it to outstanding citations, and posted general ledger entries to the finance ERP system. Accurate citations, accurate ledger entries, and all automatic. Problem solved.

CUSTOM WEB-PAY CONUNDRUM… A village with a daytime population over 150,000 was having great success taking in payments via their own custom web-pay portal. The challenge for us was that their custom developed portal uses a proprietary customer ID number to process payments. Rather than force a switch to some other commercial web-pay product, as many ticketing vendors do, Dacra stepped in and developed an innovative methodology to assign citations and amounts due to the proper account. Dacra’s three-way interface accurately and efficiently links the custom web-pay portal, their enterprise finance software, and Dacra Municipal Enforcement System. No double or triple entries. No complicated processing. Just a simple, efficient, and proven interface.

WORK (AND COMMUNICATE) SMARTER, NOT HARDER…DuPage County is leading the way with a state-wide plan for circuit clerks, municipalities, and third-party vendors to speak a common citation language. Dacra is proud to be the first e-ticketing vendor to be fully integrated with IUCS/LEADER. Dacra downloads all state moving violation information and officer court key assignments, and then uploads citation data fields as well as a PDF copy of the citation via XML. All transactions between Dacra and IUCS/LEADER are validated for completion. Data transfers occur on a scheduled and on-demand basis. Communication solved.

We would love to add your victory to our client success list! Reach out today to start the conversation about how Dacra can help you!