Dacra is a powerful administrative adjudication software created by a vibrant team of passionate public servants and forward-thinking IT experts.  Get to know them!

Zlatko Koprivec – Chief Operating Officer / AKA “Chief Problem Solver”
Zlatko, or “Z” as he is known, is an IT veteran with almost 30 years of experience.  Z has provided innovative solutions to local government agencies in Illinois since 2001.  What Z enjoys most about the company’s work is knowing what a positive impact Dacra solutions have throughout the communities we serve.

Getting to know Z…

1-What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Hiking, Snorkeling, and Playing Strategy Games. (I actually used to be a tournament chess champion.)
2-What three things do you need to be successful in this job? Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee
3-Favorite place you have ever traveled? Without a doubt, the summit of Triglav Mountain in the Julian Alps! (A shout out to my native Slovenia)

Chief Glenn Theriault (Ret.) – Director of Sales / AKA “Adjudication Guru”
Glenn was instrumental in improving and enhancing the Dacra program; he credits that to 1) working for a department that used Dacra and 2) the great officers he worked with that had great ideas. After a 25-year career in law enforcement, Glenn was thrilled to join Dacra, a company that has a combined 100 years of experience in making this program what it is today. He loves the fact that being a part of this team is a completely different challenge from policing, yet still centered on helping communities thrive every day.

Getting to know Glenn…
1-Three things still left on your bucket list? Move to Hawaii, Alaska or Nashville. Spend a summer in the Rockies with my family. Write a book on forging sound police community relations.

2-What were you like in high school? Busy. I worked three part-time jobs and started dating my high school-sweetheart-turned-wife, not to mention attending to my studies, of course…
3-What is something about another Dacra team member the world should know? Chaya and I share a passion for all things Costco.

Robi – Director of Operations / AKA “How Do I – Answer Man”
Often known as the voice of solutions on the other end of the phone, Robi is the frontline support point of Dacra. He joined the team 13 years ago and enjoys the challenge of answering client questions and providing solutions.  Specifically, Robi acknowledges the ability to think analytically, communicate effectively and execute efficiently as the cornerstones of success in his position.

Getting to know Robi…
1-What animated character would you like to be? Lightning McQueen from animated CARS movie… Go fast!
2-Favorite places ever traveled? Slovenia (my native country), Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Sedona AZ and Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks.
3-Spare time activities? Movies, music, electronics (music and video), car shows

Paul – Director of Technical Services / AKA “Head Dacra Architect”
12 years at Dacra/IT-Stability have provided plenty of diverse experiences for Paul. Like a few colleagues, Paul was part of the team that started at first as IT techs and has grown into today’s Dacra. Known by his colleagues for his wit and love for food, he is also the guy with many, many answers.

Getting to know Paul:

1-Three things left on your bucket list? Stay in a castle in Ireland, buy a vacation home, and take a flight on Virgin Galactic.
2-Favorite place you have traveled? Exuma, Bahamas
3-Which animated character would you be? Gru from Despicable Me (that’s what my wife says!)

Juan – Senior Software Developer / AKA “Guy that makes buttons work magic”
Juan has been an integral part of Dacra/It-Stability for the past 11 years.  While Juan likes the title “Grand Poobah,” he is known as the software developer who helps create innovative solutions for Dacra’s clients.

Getting to know Juan:

1-What are three things still on your bucket list?  Visit Japan, dive into a pool of tacos and sleep more than 8 hours (in a row).
2-What do colleagues say is your best quality? I am thorough – very, very, thorough.
3-Favorite place you have ever traveled? California – down the (State Route) One

Anders – Senior Networking Specialist / AKA “Infrastructure Administrator of Printers”
Having spent the last 10 years with Dacra/It-Stability, Anders loves learning new technologies and implementing them in the real world. A true computer technology guru, even when not at work, Anders can be caught trying to automate his home through Raspberry Pi…(a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV.)

Getting to know Anders…
1-What three things are still left on your bucket list?  SCUBA dive in the Barrier Reef, fly a helicopter, and visit Asia.
2-Which animated character would you be? Wakko from Animaniacs- he’s a team player!
3-Spare time activities? Brewing beer and playing with technology of course!