Step 1:  Reach Out… Contact us in whatever way you prefer. We can answer all your questions and put you firmly on the road to a better system.

Step 2:  Let’s Talk!  Over a brief conversation on the phone, in person, web chat, whichever, we will explore what your needs and/or challenges are, and what solutions we may have.

Step 3: Take a Look… Let’s do an online or in-person demo to show you our technology. We do prefer in-person as we find it a much easier way for us to learn about your community and your specific needs.

Step 4: I’m Interested!  If you like what you have seen, we will put together a proposal and discuss how we can partner.

Step 5: Let’s Do This! All that is left is a contract and Go-Live! Well, maybe there are a few other steps in between but you get the idea.


Reach out now to get started! Contact us at or 815-508-5272.