Learn more about making the most of your Municipal Enforcement System with our keynote presentations and trainings. Our engaging presentations will explore how you can incorporate industry best practices throughout your municipal enforcement program in order to generate efficiencies and reduce expenditures while building a community culture of compliance.

Topics include:

The History of Administrative Adjudication in Illinois
Shifting Enforcement Costs from Taxpayer to Violator
Legal Foundation for Administrative Adjudication
Illinois Statutes and Case Law
From Complaint to Compliance to Collections
The Lifespan of a Municipal Violation
How Much Does an Administrative Adjudication Program Cost?
Staffing, Operational, and Technological Expenses
Can Enforcement Costs Be Recovered?
Fine, Fee, and Penalty Structure
Managing an Administrative Adjudication Program
10 Key Points to Managing the Office
7 Critical Aspects to Running a Hearing

This training is conducted by experts from all segments of the municipal enforcement field who have come together to share their expertise with organizations who can benefit from this innovative process.

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