“Dacra has served as the foundation for our Municipal Enforcement System for almost a decade, unifying and simplifying the process from the street to the hearing room.”

-Elgin Police Deputy Chief Bill Wolf

Full E-Citation Capabilities
Our e-citation system was designed by officers, for officers. After all, who knows best what officers need to increase their safety by expediting a traffic stop or violator interaction? Dacra provides all your ticketing needs, reducing entry time, improving data accuracy, and eliminating the confusion and errors associated with multiple paper ticket books or software systems. Our Unified E-Citation solution includes:

  • Unified State and Local Ticketing
  • Full LEADS Integration with Your CAD
  • Extensive Violator History and Search Tools
  • Easily Collection of Racial Profiling Data
  • Easily Production of Pedestrian Stop Cards

Tow and Impound Management Tools
Efficient and effective software can manage your entire vehicle tow process, eliminating costly mistakes and reducing citizen complaints. Dacra can manage police tows and impounds from inventory search through final vehicle disposition, and includes:

  • Night Parking Permission Management
  • Abandoned Vehicle Tracking
  • Police Tow Inventory Management
  • Administrative Tows
  • Tow Holds

Police Record Keeping and Compliance Features
Accurate police record keeping is getting ever more complex in the era of big data. Dacra ensures the data is collected and ported to where it needs to be accurately, securely, and quickly, freeing staff for more critical work. Record keeping solutions include:

  • Significant Search Capability
  • Advanced State Record Redaction Compliance
  • Connectivity to Interface with Your RMS
  • Full Audit Trails for All Citation Changes
  • Easy Racial Profiling Data Transmission
  • Easy Pedestrian Stop Data Transmission

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